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Legacy2 - GM Server

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Legacy2 - GM Server

The server's goal is for players to experience playing as a GM on a server. While you can obtain and buy most items from shops, there are exceptions, mostly cosmetic items. We've built the gameplay around these items to ensure there's a reason to play alongside the sandbox experience.

GM Server - Everyone on the server is a GM, and GM codes are limited to prevent disruption of others' gaming experience.
Oldschool gameplay - The server's style is Oldschool, aiming to evoke the gameplay experience from around 2012, before the Dark Dragons update.
United capital - Players start in a shared, united capital city to enhance the gaming experience.
Legacy Coin - Since yang is 'worthless' on the server, we've introduced a new currency, the Legacy Coin.
Trade House - You can trade with other players for Legacy Coins or items in the trade house.
No ItemShop - There's no ItemShop on the server, so it operates on a non-profit basis.
Regular Events - The server has scheduled events where you can win Legacy Coins and valuable items.

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