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Terms of Service

Legal information


Without any justification, we reserve the right to refuse you at any time, l access to our platform. The use of the onion network (TOR), a virtual private network (VPN), a proxy or any technology allowing you to obfuscate your IP address is prohibited on our website.


We suggest that you register your game server on our platform to help players find the best private server of the moment and allows you to benefit from a flow of players to support your community You cannot register your game server more than once in our platform, except if it is deactivated.

It is also prohibited to use our platform to register a service other than a game server. The registered services are not a game server or misleading the users of our site in ternet will be deleted without notice.

Cheating / Fraud

Cheating is prohibited on our platform, the use frandular of our services, the objective of which is a significant increase in your views, your votes, your comments or your virtual currencies are not tolerated and would constitute a scam.

In the event of a proven fraud, your views, your votes and the comments of your game server will be deleted and the users punished. Your game server, if it compromises the quality and reputation of our services, will not be exempt from a penalty.

By using our services and at our request, the owner of the game server undertakes to cooperate with our platform to detect and track suspicion of fraud to guarantee a total balance between game servers.


Our platform offers you an API allowing you to interface your game server with our services. This API allows, among other things, to obtain information on a game server or to verify the legitimacy of a vote.

The authentication of your game server to our platform is secure and is carried out at the using a personal key, it must not be disclosed under any circumstances.

By using our API, you agree to use it without altering its operation, that is to say, all modifications allowing the circumvention of our security system are prohibited and would constitute fraud. The platform reserves the right to limit access to some of our APIs in the context of the fight against cheating.

Multi Account

You are responsible for the confidentiality of your connection information within our platform. Indeed, the multiple account is formally prohibited. It would be an offense to create an account for the purpose of circumventing a sanction or using our services fraudulently.


We reserve the possibility, as well as the right, to ban all accounts and all game servers linked to the same IP address. By sharing your account, you accept your responsibility and accept the consequences.

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