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Player Questions and Answers

Is registration necessary to be able to vote on Top Metin2?

No registration is required to be able to vote on our platform, whatever the circumstances.

I did not receive a reward following my vote, can you help me?

The reward given as a result of your vote is the responsibility of the game server owner. In the event of a problem, we advise you to contact the support of the server for which you voted.

What are the ranking criteria on Top Metin2?

The ranking of game servers is established according to the number of votes they receive, in descending order. Thus, a server with a large number of votes is positioned higher in the list.

I have a problem voting, an error message appears, what should I do?

If you receive a message stating that voting via Proxy or VPN is not allowed, this implies that the network you are connected to is considered non-private or potentially malicious by our system. In an effort to maintain leaderboard integrity and combat fraud, we have implemented access restrictions to prevent tampering with votes and ensure fair competition between game servers. If you feel this is the result of an error, we encourage you to contact us.

What distinguishes the validation of the vote via Captcha from that via Discord?

The advantage of validating the vote via Discord compared to the traditional Captcha is that with Discord there is no need to enter the often long and tedious Captcha code, thus providing a better experience for players on our platform.

Can I vote using a command on the Discord application?

This feature may actually be offered, however its implementation depends on the configuration determined by the game server administrator. We suggest that you contact the game server support to recommend this possibility to them.

Owner Questions and Answers

Why should Top Metin2 be our choice?

We encourage you to include our voting platform among those you already use, in order to allow your players to discover us. Our constant goal is to develop and optimize our platform in order to offer game server administrators and players the best possible voting experience.

Top Metin2

  • A dynamic and contemporary platform, ready to gain visibility and popularity
  • A fully responsive website, ensuring an optimal player experience on all types and sizes of screens
  • Innovative validation of votes through Discord or Bot Discord authentication, in addition to traditional Captcha code
  • You don't need an account to vote with us, you can do it easily, even from your mobile phone
  • A platform fully compatible with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols
  • Advanced APIs to optimize integration with your game server
  • Detailed and complete statistics to allow you to analyze and follow the evolution of game servers
  • Precise and comprehensive information about your game server to help you manage it better
  • We strive to ensure the best possible experience for your players

Do you offer support for installing the API?

Yes, we offer a free support service for the installation, operation and implementation of our APIs in PHP. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

Which Vote Verification API Is Best?

Which one to choose ? In the majority of cases, using the Voting IP API will be sufficient to meet your needs and achieve your goals. For our more advanced users, below is a brief comparison of our APIs.

Legacy IP

  • No API authentication key
  • Minimalist API response

Legacy IP / IP
  • A manual verification of the player's vote from the game server's website
  • Voting verification by player's IP address

Token / Bot Discord
  • An automatic verification of the vote by our platform with the game server
  • Vote verification with player token

Do you support both IPv4 and IPv6 for vote verification?

Absolutely, our APIs are designed to eliminate your concerns about compatibility. Indeed, they are fully compatible with IPv4 and IPv6 to ensure the verification of your players' votes on our platform.

What is the use of the Discord bot?

The custom Discord bot primarily acts as an extension of our platform. It offers players and administrators an enhanced experience by integrating various features. For example, the Discord bot provides the ability to vote via command, access game server or leaderboard information, and for admins it allows checking vote details among other handy features. which we let you discover.

It is important to note that for the voting command to be functional, a specific API is required. This makes it easy to automatically assign rewards to your player, without requiring any additional action on their part.

How can I invite the Discord bot to my own Discord server?

To be able to invite our Discord bot to your Discord server, it is necessary to first complete the configuration of the advanced settings in the API management of your game server. Once this step is completed, you will have access to a dashboard specific for your Discord bot, allowing you to invite it.

Are my players still able to vote via your website even when using the Discord bot?

Yes, although the ability to vote from the Discord application remains a real opportunity, your players can still vote via our website using Discord authentication. As per our documentation, don't forget to embed the player token in the voting URL on your website. Whether it's a vote coming from the Discord application or our website, the process of reviewing and awarding rewards is fully automated, with no additional action required from your players.

When is the ranking reset?

Our platform leaderboard reset takes place on the first day of every month at midnight UTC time.

What is the business model of Top Metin2?

Our platform is mainly funded by premium subscriptions and advertisements served on Top Metin2. These revenues allow us to ensure the self-financing of our platform.

What are you doing against bots and fraudulent votes?

We have implemented significant security measures to make it more difficult for bots to operate. Additionally, we have a VPN and Proxy verification system that systematically reviews every vote made on our platform. If you have any suggestions for further strengthening our security, we would love to hear from you. We prioritize fairness above all else. If you suspect unusual activity, please let us know.

Is your platform neutral?

We want to ensure our neutrality. This is because we do not own or operate any game servers associated with Top Metin2. However, in full transparency, it is important to note that the team behind Top Metin2 is also involved in the management of French and international communities dedicated to the creation of private servers.

Do you offer a vote selling service?

Indeed, as a commercial platform, we offer votes at a competitive rate in order to increase our profits. Each vote is marketed at a single price of EUR 999.99. Also, to thank our loyal customers, we are giving away the tenth vote for free. Of course, it goes without saying that it was a joke.

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